Verticals & Ecosystem

Communication Services

Communication across borders, internal to enterprise and connecting the world. Data transmission privacy and digital identity connected to both personal and business interactions and entertainment.

Telecom, Media & Entertainment, dynamic 5G networks, digital identity, piracy prevention, enabling micro-payments, royalties to creatives, content transfer and secure storage and value chain management for next-gen network services, blockchain gaming and digital skins.


Activating more transparency, efficiency and access into supply chain and e-commerce ecosystems via the use of blockchain technologies.

Provenance, Food and drug safety, Sustainable manufacturing and distribution, Logistics, Customer engagement, Loyalty platforms, E-commerce, Retail and Hospitality.


Globally-connected network of blockchain educators, students, and certification authorities to help prepare a new generation of blockchain professionals.

Academics, Teaching, Learning, Instruction, Literacy, Self improvement, Training, Preparation, Knowledge, Thought leadership


Utilities and individual energy producers are looking to blockchain to streamline processes and create efficiencies for value and energy transfer.

Battery management, smart meters, smart contract enabled distribution, peer-to-peer power, energy sharing, green energy, digitized grid/microgrids, e-mobility, EV-charging, emissions tracking, carbon credit trading

Financial Services

Economic engine enabling commerce between countries, companies, and people while connecting blockchain entrepreneurs with investors to drive innovation forward.

Billing/Payments, Brokerage, Cryptocurrencies, Capital Markets, Insurance, Lending, Money Transfer, Mortgages, Personal Finance, Regtech, and Wealth Management


Blockchain and distributive-ledger technologies have the power to reinvent how government agencies, policies makers, and their citizens create a better society.

Smart cities, streamlined procurement, transparent policies, voting validation, reduced corruption, digital citizenship, and transformative societies.


Individuals and organizations benefit from the security, immutability and automation possible through blockchain implementation.

Digital identity and records management; medical device, clinical supplies and medication provenance and supply chain; tracking of care, clinical research recruiting and retention; financials and insurance

Hospitality & Travel

How we travel and enjoy novel experiences can be enhanced by rewards points, automation of our preferences and peer-to-peer value transfer.

Property management automation, decentralized booking, convenient identity verification and value transfer, luggage track and trace, customer retention programs, personalized offerings, advertising and travel insurance


Advances in track-and-traceability, warranty management, product safety,  maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) are all improved through blockchain.

Remote machine diagnostics and management, manufacturing automation, internal supply chain management, strategic sourcing, procurement, and provenance tracking, Cloud-Based (on-demand) Manufacturing

Real Estate

Driving dynamic process improvement and simplifying the buying and selling of real property assets through a connected network of professionals through greater trust and transparency.

Mortgage, Title, Appraisers, Inspectors, Brokers, Agents, Investors, Consumers, Municipal Registries and Service Providers


Blockchain implementation is a group effort. Process and product requires teamwork.  Join other service providers at the core of  blockchain implementation and dissemination.

Audit, SaaS and BaaS (Blockchain as a Service), Consultancy, Exchanges, Integration Analytics (including AI and Internet of Things), Legal, Mining, Platforms/Infrastructure, Tax Services, Social Networks


An assembly of engineers, scientists, and technology business leaders with diverse skill sets who are working to build, use, and manage the blockchain for the future.

Software Engineering, Blockchain Tech, DevSecOps, Identity Management, Hardware and Infrastructure, Distributed Applications, Decentralized Internet & Dapps